Living Newspaper 2–6pm, Sunday 21st March 2010
The Living Newspaper

at Wysing Arts Centre

Zhivaia gazeta, or The Living Newspaper, was a means to deliver news to the illiterate Red Army soldiers of Soviet Russia and was further developed into full-scale theatrical productions that were part broadsheet, part music hall. The Brown Mountain edition of The Living Newspaper will similarly combine public entertainment and cultural, political and documentary information, in an event that will in turn inform, divert and provoke.

Comedy improvisation team Grand Theft Impro will present a series of satirical sketches, scenarios and improvisations from current and archaic newspaper headlines. Comedienne Rachel Pantechnicon will deliver a series of monologues in response to readers’ letters to the newspaper’s resident agony aunt. Other events will feature advertisements and the racing pages.

The event is FREE
A vegetable stew will be provided and we are grateful to The Potton Brewery Company for sponsorship of the event with a barrel of real ale. Please feel free to bring other picnic fare, bottles of wine, etc.

Wysing Arts Centre
Fox Road
near Bourn
CB23 2TX

If anyone is driving or needs a lift please let us know.