life drawing 14th January 2010
Seats of Learning
Coach Trip to Milton Keynes, on the occasion of the opening of the Marcus Coates exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery.

The Department of Reskilling's Seats of Learning outreach programme comprised short one-to-one workshops in which specialists explained or demonstrated niche, arcane or re-purposed skills and knowledge. The workshops were:

Knit One, Drop One
Yarn specialists and haberdashery impresarios Rachel Green and Louise Harries applied traditional skills to contemporary life. The proprietors of the Prick Your Finger wool shop have knitted almost anything you can think of, including ornamental cabbages, a life-size bathroom suite and all the accoutrements for a wedding, from dress to confetti to cameras. For Seats of Learning they showed participants how to make elegant knitted shoelaces and to use Lancashire's smallest loom.

Now You See It Now It Costs You
Socialist magician Ian Saville has been performing in theatres and to picket lines for more than 25 years conveying, through magic and comedy, the ideology of the progressive left. In this workshop Saville used his skills as a conjurer to get participants to look at the real nature of money, and how we are bamboozled by its machinations.

A Slap in the Face for All Involved
Stage fighting teacher Tim Klotz helped participants hone the very useful skill of theatrical face slapping. The psychological and physical aspects of performed non-contact violence, whatever the scale, are nuanced and involved, and fight director Klotz used method acting principles to coach in safe yet convincing in-seat retaliation.

life drawing 2009
Life Drawing Classes
Various venues
The Department of Sitting Still's life drawing classes are not just for artists. Architects, designers, filmmakers and writers attend our sessions, in which innovative exercises, devised by renowned neuro-aestheticisticianarians, extend and overturn our ways of seeing, understanding and describing the human form.
Jefford Horrigan 16th – 18th October 2008
Brown Mountain Festival of the Performing Arts
Slade Research Centre,
Woburn Square, London, WC1
Brown Mountain Festival provided a sample of the college’s esoteric activites and also signaled its first major inter-institutional collaboration. With co-producers of high repute, including Artsadmin and Contemporary Art Society, and artists of excellence, such as Jefford Horrigan (pictured), Gary Stevens and Goodiepal, each evening delivered a panoply of textures and timbres, from high-octane satire and wry eccentricity to optical ingenuity and verbal dexterity.


Those That Can 4th August 2008, 7.30pm
Those That Can...
ICA, London
For the 'Nought to Sixty' series at the ICA, the College staged Those That Can…, a lecture with live performances showcasing skills taught to students across departments, including stage fighting, giant origami, dog-paw reading, escapology, material science and string saving, demonstrated by experts from the faculty and presented by Sir Gideon Vein, Professor of Re-Skilling.

1927 18th March 2008
Cabaret of Curiosities
Royal Academy of Art, London
The Deans of College presented an exclusive preview of the Festival programme. Comprising a variety of interdisciplinary curiosities, the Cabaret of Curiosities offered a glimpse of the Festival content, its remit and our ambitions for its scope and level of inventiveness. Performers included 1927 (pictured), Gwyneth Herbert, Boo Ritson and Ian Saville.
Simon Munnery October 2006
Centenary Cabaret
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London
Brown Mountain College of the Performing Arts celebrated one hundred years of interdisciplinary education. Key pieces from the 20th century were performed by alumni and recent graduates, including 1927, Claire Hooper, Simon Munnery (pictured), beat boxers and breakdancers.